About 10×8

“…eventually we are going to find out that digital photography has very little to do with what we think of as photography”  Fred Ritchin, founder of Pixelpress, speaking at Foam 2011, a seminar entitled “What’s Next?”, exploring the future of photography. The seminar was presented by the renowned Netherlands photography museum and photography magazine, Foam.

10×8 is a small project looking at the bigger picture. Just as many pixels make up an image, many images make up a 10×8.

10 artists are editing 8 different digital photographs taken over a period of several weeks and 1 musician is composing a track to accompany each image. The result is a 10×8.

The 8 photographs, taken by Geoff Titley were prompted by the top 8 image searches in Google in the UK in November 2012:

logo      girls      hair      man     wallpaper     art     hot     map

The images are added to the 10×8 as they are edited. You can view the 10 edits for a particular subject. Just double click on the suubject name at the top of the 10×8. You can do the same for each of the artists editing the images by double-clicking on their name at the top of the 10×8.

The site also features writing and comment on topics such as copyright, how digital photographs are catalogued and filtered on the Web and the direction of Digital Photography in our cybernated world. These are subjects came up as I researched 10×8.

Geoff Titley
November 2012